New Beginnings

There are new beginnings for everything, and today is marked by me starting this blog (better late then never is one of my favourite sayings). This year is my 11th year living in Asia, including six in Hong Kong, which is even more shocking than me turning 30 later this year. Breaking into Hong Kong was hard; it’s a crazy/busy/compact/stressful/hectic city ruled by business and the business is not ruled by anything. You don’t have look far to understand that the society is heavily unbalanced; new skyscrapers on one side and falling apart houses on the other; Hong Kong is truly the city of contrasts. For better and for worse, I have grown to love the city on my own terms and have created this blog in order to share my passions and experiences with far flung family, friends and like-minded.

More to be published soon.
/ Ciao Bella

Hong Kong Seaside

Hong Kong Tiles

Sai street








4 Responses to “New Beginnings”
  1. Em says:

    Snart får vi se Bella på bloggtopplistorna:)

  2. Jeremy says:

    Bonjour and hello from Paris!
    I found you while reading French By Design. My wife is the Creative Director and Founder of Square Modern, a company that designs modern cushions made from repurposed textiles using classic mid-century patterns.
    Her company is just one year old. The growth of her business has been steady and well managed. While she has some clients in Asia, it certainly is a market that presents tremendous opportunities for her. Limited edition home goods made by hand in Paris with textiles imported from the United States only help support her story.

    What do you recommend ? If you would look at her site and tell me your thoughtsbI would be grateful . Her site is
    With kindest regards,

    Jeremy Schuster

    Sent from my iPad

    • isabelboren says:

      Bonjour! Hi Jeremy!

      Thanks for checking in and reaching out to me. Asia is still growing but it’s tremendously competitive as all brands from EU and US are trying to get a piece of the cake + HK Realestate is going absolutely crazy. Saying that, hand made European products are always a strong selling point and it indeed seem like you guys have a good thing going on.

      I would commend trying to get your products into high profile department stores like Lane Crawford, which carries a lot of trendy European home interior. There is also a lot of newly started web-business in the region and I believe this is just getting bigger and bigger. Wholesale and multiple-brand stores is not really a developed concept in Asia so there is lot left to be done.

      Not sure if this helps you but at least a small step on the way.
      Ciao / Isabel

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