DIY Fabric Bunting

With Spring arriving in Hong Kong, I had a BIG wardrobe clean out and invited my girlfriends for a Clothing Swop. It’s a fun and great way to get together, get rid of unwanted stuff and get a couple of new pieces without spending any money. Due to the small size of my apartment (25 square meter) I had a to find another venue and my boyfriend offered me his office. While it had a lot of space, it did not really fit what I had in mind being all sterile and well, very office like. Hence, I decided to make a couple of cute fabric buntings to bring some character to the space. I choose to make my buntings out of fabrics as I had a particular pattern in mind but they can be done out of a array of materials like paper, plastic or cardboard.


A few simple steps how to go about:

1. Choose your materials: Be creative and choose patterns and fabrics that you love. The only thing you need are different fabrics for the banners and some kind of string/ribbon to thread the banners on to.

2. Create your template: You can create any shape and size depending on your preference. I decided to go for the traditional triangle and made a super easy template by folding a A4 paper in the middle, marking the middle and drawing lines from the middle to each corner.


3. Place the template onto the fabric: I wanted to have the same fabric on the front and back of the banners and the easiest way to do this it to cut the  fabric ON FOLD (you can see from below pictures that the front and the back of the triangle is one continuous piece of fabric). Pin the template onto the fabric ON FOLD > trace around the template > cut out the shape. Repeat step until you have enough material for your bunting. I made 17 triangle pieces, which turned out to be about  3 meter long bunting.


4. Clean-up the edges: If you don’t have the patience, skip this step and go to 5. If you are ready to spend some time by the iron, please go ahead; press the edges on the wrong side of the fabric 5 mm. Your banner will automatically become slightly smaller so keep this in mind when you make your template ( I did not account for this and my banners turned out a little bit too small). Once you will sew the back and front side together, you will not have any raw edges or loose threads, which makes it look nicer plus you can wash it without fraying.


5. Sew-it-together: Use a sewing machine to stitch the front and back side of the triangle together. Leave about 2 cm near the top edges open so there is an opening for the string. Once all the banners are ready , thread them onto your choice of string/ribbon and Viola! Your Bunting is ready! Let the Party Begin!


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