DIY Wrap Skirt

I came across this gorgeous mint-animal-jacquard fabric a few days ago and though it would be fabulous for a Kimono inspired jacket. Only me that is crazy about Kimono jackets right now? To my disappointment there was only 1/2 yard of fabric left, leaving me with rather restricted options what to make. With the Kimono … Continue reading

Urban Hong Kong by Thomas Birke

Few pictures describes the personality of Hong Kong better then those of Thomas Burke – urban jungle, anything-is-possible, sleepless, messy, gateway-to-china, contrasting, workaholic, compact-living, entrepreneurial, colourful, money-rules, competitive, just-do-it. What words describes your city? Pictures via Thomas Burke Related articles Urban Photography by Thomas Birke ( Urban Photography by Thomas Birke (

Greetings from Jakarta

Finally – I had a little misfortune with my external hard drive, which unexpectedly without any warning decided to give up on me. I do love ( like is more honest ) technology  as long as everything works fine, nothing breaks down and don’t give me any trouble. After screaming at my hard drive – without … Continue reading

DIY Striped Retro Bottles

Let me present Hong Kong’s own challenger to the Mason Jar – the Kowloon Dairy Milk Bottle! I have always liked this cute retro bottle + the chocolate milk is absolutely delicious ! Getting a good drink and a pretty bottle at the same time is pure double happiness and I love the fact that there … Continue reading

Timeless Blue China Part # 2

I have a tendency to overdo things when I really like something. No matter if we are talking about music, food, guys (not-so-healthy-behavior), colours, restaurants – my love struck nature commonly follow the same path – Crush > OBSESSION > OBSESSION > OBSESSION > OBSESSION > Antagonism! Very dramatic and balance is indeed a vocabulary I should get more … Continue reading

Are you Bloglovin’ ?

So, I thought I would write a little bit what this Bloglovin‘ thing is all about – I had no clue until I started this blog and suspect there are many like me out there. In fact, only NOW did I find out that this amazing tool is a Swedish invention – !Yay ! Viva la … Continue reading

Pink Stairs

Time to obsesses a little bit more about pink and how-to-incporporate this whimsical colour into our homes. For you that are-not-so-very-much Pink fans; Sorry in advance – I’m afraid this will be a running theme here on Shoebox-Living! Right now, I’m willing to pack by bags and move back to Sweden in order to get … Continue reading

DIY bedazzled flip flops

Summer has arrived in Hong Kong and I’m anticipating my first visit to the beach this weekend! Yay! After digging out last years beachwear from my wardrobe, I decided to give my flip flops a little facelift as they were looking too grey and gloomy. Admittedly, I have been going a little bit crazy with embellishment and … Continue reading

DIY Fabric Scrap Painting

To me, one of the best things about living in Hong Kong and traveling in Asia, is all the all the amazing handcraft and fabric markets. Sourcing for fabrics is always a top priority while visiting new places and typically ends up with me coming home with way too heavy luggage – I’m officially an … Continue reading

Timeless Blue China # Part 1

Every time I visit my parents, I fall in love with blue and white home interior all over again as the house is throughout decorated with beautiful blue Chinese porcelain, vases and lamps. After all, what colour combo is more classic than Blue and White? Coincidentally, I also feel head over heals with Valentino (again!) Fall’13 collection by Maria Grazia … Continue reading

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