DIY Fabric Scrap Painting

To me, one of the best things about living in Hong Kong and traveling in Asia, is all the all the amazing handcraft and fabric markets. Sourcing for fabrics is always a top priority while visiting new places and typically ends up with me coming home with way too heavy luggage – I’m officially an expert in stockpiling fabrics. While exploring the markets in Jakarta, I got a bunch of cute blue and white batik fabrics and decided to do a new DIY for the home. As mentioned in my post DIY Chic Batik – batik fabrics are commonly used for paintings and wall decorations so I decided to embrace that tradition and make my own version.

Time: Approx 2 -3 hours

You need:

  • Canvas – I used 90 cm x 90 cm
  • PVA Glue or other textile glue
  • Fabric Scrap
  • Scissor

How to:

1. Get the Fabric: Get fabrics with contrasting colours or patterns. I wanted to have blue colour combo so I choose fabrics with different blue shades, patterns and structures. I totally used six different fabrics.



IMG_16002. Choose a Motive: I decided for a classic high-heel shoe, simply because I love them. I found a picture that I used for inspiration and sketched the motive onto the canvas.  A easier and faster way would be to print out the motive in real-size and trace onto the canvas. This also makes life easier if you have a difficult motive to draw.


3. Plan where to place the fabrics: Try to visualise what kind of shapes and sizes you want the fabrics to be. Plan where in the motive to use the different fabrics and cut out the pieces. I made a small mistake here: initially I glued on all fabric pieces around the motive. However, it looked really messy and my motive “disappeared” among all the different fabrics. As I wanted mu object to be focal point, it was just to start all over again. Remember – if you have a small narrow object – it’s better to fill it with fabric rather than the background.




Voila! Ready to hang up!




Did you like this post? Also check out my travel post from Jakarta with tips where to buy fabrics and recommended to do’s.

2 Responses to “DIY Fabric Scrap Painting”
  1. Vilken rolig idé och resultatet blev snyggt! 🙂 Förstår att det är lycka att ha så många fina tyger att välja mellan!
    Tack för din påhälsning på min pysselblogg! /Helena

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