DIY bedazzled flip flops

Summer has arrived in Hong Kong and I’m anticipating my first visit to the beach this weekend! Yay! After digging out last years beachwear from my wardrobe, I decided to give my flip flops a little facelift as they were looking too grey and gloomy. Admittedly, I have been going a little bit crazy with embellishment and rhinestones lately  – adding them to basically anything and everything (remember my previous post Pimp your tee ?), and could not resist to do it once AGAIN  –  bedazzling the flip flops with a cute colour combo of hot pink, pearl, mint and aqua rhinestones.

Time: Approx 1 hours

You need:

  • Plastic flip flop
  • Super Glue
  • Rhinestones


How to: this is an easy one – just add glue to the backside of the rhinestones and add onto the flip flop. Press the rhinestone until the glue has set completely and wait about one hour until you use them.




Voila! Ready to hit the beach




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