DIY Blue & White Porcelain Dress

I don’t know about you, but the moment it get warm I don’t want to wear anything else then flowy whimsical dresses. As you know, I have been obsessing about the Blue China porcelain runway trend (check post Timeless Blue China # Part 1 and Timeless Blue China # Part 2), and therefore jumped of joy when I stumbled upon this beautiful silk fabric with  blue porcelain inspired pattern. With a little bit of elastic band and basic sewing, I created a maxi dress that will the perfect-companion for the hot and humid days ahead.

Cavalli Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013 Collection.

You need:
1 – 2 yards of Fabric
Elastic band
Matching thread
Sewing Machine
Iron + Iron board

1. Measure the length – Consider how long you want the Maxi dress to be – should it be sweeping the floor or ankle length? I love the long flowy ones but practically, the streets in Hong Kong are really dirty so I used my common sense and made this one slightly shorter. 20130429-200340.jpg

2. Add the Elastic: Make a fold that at the upper part of the fabric that is wide enough to thread through the elastic band. Overlook or zig zag any raw edges, iron the fold and pin. Stitch the seam but leave approximately 5 cm open on both sides as you need this later on to thread through the elastic band and sew the back seam together.


3. Finish the back seam: As mentioned above, I used one piece of fabric with one seam at centre back (instead of two pieces of fabric and two side seams) simply because my fabric already was quite narrow. If you are using non-stretch fabric like me, add a slit at the back so you will be able to move. Start to pin the two sides of the fabric together – starting from where the slit ends until where the elastic fold starts. If you would like to advance your sewing skills, use a french seam instead of a simple seam as this look more professional and great for delicate fabrics like silks (for details, check out this great tutorial).



4. Thread through the elastic band and sew together the two ends. Complete the remaining part of the back seam that still is open.


photo-1 copy

5. Hem the dress: do a double fold seam for the hem and both sides of the slit, pin and stitch.

photo-1 copy 3

Voila! Ready!






4 Responses to “DIY Blue & White Porcelain Dress”
  1. ohhh vad fin!!!!!!! underbart tyg! gud vad lik du ar pappa pa kort nummer 10

  2. Cat says:

    Love Love Love this look! Can’t wait to try it myself (: perfect for the garden, no farmers tan lines (:

    • isabelboren says:

      Farmer girl – you should start a blog about all your new adventures…. Can already see it in front of me! Cath in Wellingtons and haystacks in the background.

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