Boyfriend Renovation Tips – Day 8


Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Since you are here, you either got a little bit interested about the headline or thinking “who is this crazy-shallow-person”. Either way – hang on  – I will explain it all shortly and promise you will get out of here with a bunch of useful advices. Did I mention I grow up working in a small fashion boutique? The most valuable skill I learned from this experience was to really see the customer – what kind of person, body-type, colour, personality – and based on that present them with a garment that matched all. 9 times out of 10, this would result in a successful sale.

I learned that most people have no idea what suits them, and ironically most of my boyfriends fell into this category. I was bothered about the fact that I was trying to “change” the person, but couldn’t help myself as I saw all the unexplored potential just waiting to be unleashed. My girlfriends started to joke about it – saying I created  “renovation” projects – and that’s how the whole thing came about. My advice for you today is how to help someone you care for (you have to be completely utterly honest) – a friend, boyfriend or perhaps even yourself – to find their personal style, following a couple of easy steps illustrated in the case-study of my friend Renato.

Renato prior to Renovation

Renato is a busy business guy, who spends most his time in his office and on the phone. He is working in a conservative industry, where everyone wears a suit – 7 days a week. The little time left outside work, is spent in the gym, strolling around in the city and watching sports. The average workaholic-sport-fanatic, if you like. Despite being Italian, Renato do not have a strong flare for fashion and only dresses in two different ways  –  suit vs sport clothes. NOTHING in between. I decided to help Renato find his own personal style, bridging the two extremes of his current wardrobe together.

Step 1. Evaluate the Personality: Renato is a busy person who doesn’t follow fashion and trends. He want to to look good but not overly trendy. He also like to be comfortable and practical, which explains his love for adidas and nike clothes. All these points are relevant to keep in mind further ahead in the process.

Step 2. Evaluate the Body-type: Identify what is the “best” looking part of the body and focus on that. Renato is former soccer player, which has left him with strong big legs. Skinny pants will never be his thing. Instead, his strongest asset is his upper chest and arms, which unfortunately most of the time is hidden in loosely fitted shirts and sport tees. For his new style, slim cut shirts and tees will be one of the focus points as opposed to tight bottoms.

Step 3. Evaluate colour and pattern suitability: We all have shades that don’t fit our looks and personality. Some of it’s purely physical and best way to start is to look on the shades of the eyes, skin and hair. The second step is to consider the personality and here you can go back to the first step again. As a business guy,  Renato would feel uncomfortable wearing too loud and out-there pattern combos. While I personally love pink and pastels – and have a lot of male friends that look great in these colours – it’s not Renato’s cup of tea as his complexion look better in classic colours combos like navy, white, grey and military.

Step 4. Wardrobe Clean-Out: Go through the whole wardrobe and get rid of all the pieces that doesn’t fit the points you have  identified for the new style; wrong colours, cuts and silhouettes all need to go. You need to start on a clean slate!

Step 5.  Get the basics pieces: Men’s fashion is a completely different ball game than Women’s wear. Fast fashion just doesn’t work very well for guys as it’s the details – the cut, the fabric, the finish, the buttons, stitches –  that comprises good style. Key is to focus on quality over quantity. Get started with ONE pair of great looking Chinos, Denim, Shirt, Leather Jacket and one well-fitted suit. Build up a collection slowly following below advices.

  • Start with getting the right cut: don’t squeeze yourself into a skinny pant if your body type doesn’t allow it. It’s simply not attractive. Get a regular straight instead and match it with a tight tee/shirt to bring the attention to your upper body. The body structure should be the focus – not the trend.
  • Choose products with the right material: check out the post Fabric Tips for more details what makes a good fabric. In short terms; choose a fabric with a good hand and structure. You also need a little bit of weight on the fabric, as this will make the garment look sharp instead of cheap.
  • On Denim : Get ONE and ONLY one pair of awesome looking denim. You don’t need 15 pairs of badly washed denim pants. Instead, buy one pair of high-quality and you will have them for years. If I were to buy a pair now, I would look for saturated-shades, deep-blue indigo and relatively clean finish. Next time, you can go for a lighter base-shade.
  • On the Suit: Renato had about 20 suits but none looked really good at him. The cut on the jacket was too old-school and the pants were too wide. Now, even if you spend your days in a conservative work environment, you don’t have to wear badly fitted suits. Instead, get one that perfectly fit you. Following are good points to keep in mind during the selection 1) go for a lower lapel and consequently less buttons (traditional is 3, more trendy typically 2) You want the jacket to look great open as well as closed 3) If you have large thighs, avoid having any pleats or folds on the front – it make your legs look wider 4) Have an appropriate shoulder width (remember we are not living in the 80s), and last but not least please slim down the pants. Not too skinny but you want the pants to look tailored, not like casual slacks.

Step 6. Visit the beauty saloon – Yes, you heard me right. Guys also need to go to the beauty saloon once in a while. First – do something about the hair. Renato only trusted one person to cut his hair – his italian barber (also referred to as “artist”) who also happened to be +60 years old. I have a lot of respect for the craft of the older generation, but let’s just say that in the case of this particular barber – his fashion sense was not on par with technical skill. To find the right look, review magazines prior to the appointment and bring the reference picture to the saloon. Second – get a facial. It’s not only girls that get bad skin of stress, hormones etc – it happens to guys too! If the guy has eyebrows with a life of their own, use this golden opportunity to get them trimmed.

Ta Da! The transformation is done. 

Renato post renovation

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2 Responses to “Boyfriend Renovation Tips – Day 8”
  1. aww Renato looks so handsome, and you have an amazing skill in finding the best fits for people because you pay attention and see people’s beauty, personality and strengths. You do something great… I know the fashion industry is seen as shallow but it is your passion which you combine with your genuine care and feel for people and that makes great results. Fashion does not have to be shallow, it is as important as every other sector in the creative industry. I know how happy Renato is about your input, he tells me every time and I love that fashion can have such a positive influence on people.

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