DIY Statement Pedant

I’m a big fan of Shourouk jewellery  and recently got a look at the line up-close. Let me tell you, the Duma Mandarine transparent PVC bag is pretty high up there on my wish list. After one of my weekly visits to Sham Shui Po market, I came home with a bunch of colourful ropes initially planned for a home interior project. However, with an overflowing rhinestone inventory left since my previous bling projects – Pimp your teeDIY bedazzled flip flops – I could not resist making my own statement pedant.

50135145_12_fShourouk Neckless

Time: Approximately 1 – 2 hour
You need: Rope of choice, Rhinestones, Transparent PVC, Superglue, Hole punch, Scissor


1. Plot out the design of the rhinestones. Try different combinations of the rhinestones to find what you like best. For best result, use different shapes and sizes of Rhinestones.

IMG_8825 2

2. Once you are satisfied with the design, superglue the stones onto the plastic. Important: leave about 1 cm at the top of the plastic – you need this area for making a hole for the rope. Let the glue set for about 1 hour.

IMG_8835 22. Make a hole at the top of the plastic. Ensure that the hole is large enough to thread through the rope.

IMG_8839 2

IMG_88443. Use a scissor to cut off the plastic around the rhinestones.


Ta Da! Ready!




Shorter version

4 Responses to “DIY Statement Pedant”
  1. Emelie says:

    Fint Bella!

  2. Crystal says:

    This is such a great idea! I love how made a fancy statement pendant casual with your selection of cord. 🙂 Plus, I hadn’t even thought of making my own pendent like you did, thanks for sharing!

  3. danyah m says:

    LOVE It ! 🙂 Keep up the gd work

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