American Apparel Opening Party

American Apparel – the all made-in-US brand – officially opened it’s first Hong Kong store last friday at the chic Lab Concepts. I was there to have a sneak-peak of the collection and while I felt slightly overaged among the 16th-year old clientele and triple zero-sizes, there were a couple of things that caught my attention. Bring your mind back to the 80’s skater girl look – we are talking cropped tanks, mini-tops, bustiers, high-waisted shorts, circle skirts and scrunchie‘s. To wear this style presently fashionable; pair cropped tanks with with high-waisted pants and add a pair of classic pointed-toe pumps for a modern look. Throw in a good looking blazer as well, and you will look chic and relevant, with a touch of the 80’s.

IMG_8884Cropped tee

item_webmain_537_1367821483_1Picture here

IMG_8906 Neon scrunchie’s. I’m having severe flashbacks here. 

Picture here

IMG_8917Scalloped Collar


Picture here

IMG_8892Well-fitted Bustiers


IMG_8909Yummie veggie food by  Herbivores

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