DIY braided rhinestone bracelet

May is a busy period in Hong Kong. You can sense that extra rush where people go on overdrive – aiming to finish as much work as possible – before heading off for relaxing summer vacations. For me, May is also a hectic time as several family members and friends celebrate their birthday. In particular, I’ve had a difficult time to come up with original gift ideas. It just seem like everyone have everything. The days of a straight forward wish-list is clearly FAR behind. In agony not knowing what to get to one of my good friends, I decided to make a friendship bracelet in a chunky bedazzled version. I love anything white in summer and therefore used white cotton rope and glitzy rhinestones to create a casual yet trendy piece – perfect to stack onto tanned arms.

What you need:

  • Rope
  • Rhinestones
  • Thread
  • End cap and Clasp

IMG_2770 (1)

1. 4-way braiding: I wanted to make a big chunky bracelet so did a 4-way braiding x 2 ropes opposed to the traditional 3-way. 4-way braiding is more or less the same as 3-way, but you need to be careful the got the first and last rope into the right position. Once the braid is ready, seal the ends tape or making a knot. For detailed step-by-step instructions for 4-way braiding, check out this tutorial.



2. Sew on the rhinestones: pick rhinestones in a nice colour palette and different shapes. I decided to match clear holographic stones with green ones.Use a thread with matching colour of the ropes and sew on the stones. Sew through the braided ropes – it makes the braided ropes more “stable”.



3. Before adding the end cap and clasp, try the bracelet around your wrist to ensure it’s the right size. Cut off the ends slightly if it’s too big.




Ta Da! Ready!




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