DIY rope rings

If you liked last weeks DIY braided rhinestone bracelet – today’s DIY rope rings are even easier to make. In fact – I put together these cuties in 30 minutes – just before heading out to yesterdays opening of Hong Kong Art Basel show. I love the idea of creating jewellery looking pieces out of unconventional materials such as ropes. Who said you need a big rock on your finger to look fab? Instead, stack up with a couple of these inexpensive and summer-right rope rings.

Time: 30 minutes
You need:

  • Ropes in different colours
  • A couple rhinestones. Look for quite big ones as you want to simulate the look of a diamond
  • Tread + needle



1. Measure how much rope you need for the ring.


2. Sew on the rhinestone in the middle of the rope so it will be positioned at top of the finger. Overlap the two ends at the back and sew together.


3. Wrap the tread around the ends or perhaps the complete backside of the ring to hide any treads. As you can see from below picture, I tried out a couple of different versions.


Voila! Ready!




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