DIY Crochet Bib Neckless

I’ve had a long break from crafting as I have been on the road – traveling from Hong Kong to Rome to Sweden – plus being down with flu and food poisoning. Finally, I’m healthy and back in my parents house where I’m being pampered like never before. Sweden during summer is a pitoresque dream; the sky is clear blue; life is all around you; nature intensely colourful. Besides the lovely weather, my parents house is a gem full of hidden treasures (my dad is an avid collector of everything); old handmade linens, tablecloths, embroidery, crochets etc from previous generations. A true dream for any fabric lover. I wanted to make something out of a couple of old crochet coasters that I found, and decided to make a cute neckless that works great to denim and a casual tee.

Time: 30 minutes
What you need:


1. Measure how long you want the neckless to be. Use the nipper to cut off the chain. Add the hook and eye to the chain. Thanks god for my dad’s old tool box!


2. Use the crochet coaster and fold it over the chain. Make sure that it’s position on the middle of the chain so it will be placed rightly on.



3. Sew on a couple of rhinestones.



Ta Da! Ready!





2 Responses to “DIY Crochet Bib Neckless”
  1. Carmen says:

    Hi Isabel, love to make one myself : ) What’s the nipper for though?

    • isabelboren says:

      Try it!I love all the amazing hand-made crochet pieces I got from my grandmother. The nipper is for cutting of the chain with, but completely forgot to mention it in the post ;). These DIY’s are something quite self-explanatory so I forget to write all the steps. Thanks for reminding me!

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