On my mind: high-waisted retro bikini

While going through the last of my grandmother’s belongings, I found a box full with gorgeous vintage photos of her. Looking through them all, I particularly feel in love with a two photos where she is wearing a white-high-waisted-retro-bikini and balconette top – both iconic for 40s-50s swimwear fashion. I’ve expressed my love for my grandmother several times, and again have to mentioned how special I feel the women of her generation were; they possessed a decadent and ladylike look at the same time embodying a strong sense of independence, commitment and purpose. By no means were they the delicate-naive-flowers they appeared to be in the pictures, but rather a generation balancing female grace with a burning willpower to-change-the-world. Perhaps I’m romanticising this period of time, but it’s just something utterly positive and sweet about it; the fashion, the society and the people. Researching for inspirational materials, I came across a couple of spot-on high-waisted bikinis’ that are high-up on my want list this summer as well as gorgeous photos of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly wearing retro swimwear. Enjoy!

20130613-205300.jpgPeekaboo! My grandmother Anna-Lisa in a vintage bikini around 1940’s/50s.

20130613-205340.jpgMy grandmother (right) and her friend in Strömstad, Sweden.

KORE Wear. All made in Los Angeles. Picture here

Marilyn Monroe In Swimsuit On Lounge ChairMarilyn Monroe. Picture here

American Apparel. Picture here
Marilyn Monroe at Beach, 1949 5
Marilyn Monroe. Picture here

KORE Wear 2013 Collection. Picture here

Marilyn Monroe. Picture here

Marilyn Monroe + bikini + redMarilyn Monroe. Picture here

Seafolly 2013 collection. Picture here

grace.kelly-02Grace Kelly. Picture here

Urban Outfitters. Picture here

graceGrace Kelly. Picture here

2 Responses to “On my mind: high-waisted retro bikini”
  1. sarahlouisek says:

    What fabulous photos, especially of your grandmother. This is such a fun post.

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