DIY Swedish Midsummer Flower Crown

This post is coming a few day’s late as I’m in London visiting my sister (more traveling posts coming soon). To understand why Swedes are crazy about midsummer, one need to know that we are not a particularly patriotic country (except for the ones’ living abroad – we tend to be over-the-top celebrating anything Swedish). Most Swedes don’t celebrate the national day more then raising the flag – very far from the spectacular celebrations of the US national day. Instead, midsummer is closer to heart where everyone get together; dressed up in folk-dresses; wearing beautiful flower crowns; dancing silly dances like små grodorna (the little frogs) around the may pole, enjoying seafood delicacies, strawberry summer cakes and snaps – altogether celebrating summer solstice and the endless source of daylight. For me, wearing a flower crown is a MUST for midsummer. Over the years, I’ve tried to many different versions; buying already made crowns, solely using roses and myriad of colourful wildflowers. My favourite however remains the same; the basic green and “wild” looking crown my mom use to do to me as a kid – using whatever flowers she could find in our garden – creating a “midsummer night’s dream” inspired crown with green birch leaves and cow-paisley and jasmine flowers.

Time: 30 minutes
You need:


1. Measure how much wire you need to create a halo for your head. I recommend to measure 2 x your head so you can make the halo more stable.


2. Create the base of the flower crown by wiring the birch leaves around the wire. I like my flower crown to be big and wild looking, so I used around 8 branches with plenty of birch leaves on.



3. Once the leave base is ready, add flowers to the crown. In particular on the front as this will be around your face.



Voila! Ready!



My beautiful sister-in-law


IMG_0164Super yum home-made cream and strawberry cake



3 Responses to “DIY Swedish Midsummer Flower Crown”
  1. catherinemaryhughes says:

    This is so wonderful!!!! What a lovely time, I only wish I was there too enjoy it with you! Love the Pink lipstick too and such beautiful photos! xxx

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