DIY Transparent Embroidered Cards

I love giving and receiving cute cards. May it be hand-drawn, with a quirky illustration or a good quote; anything with a little bit of thought behind make my heart skip. My boyfriend and myself are separated this summer as I’m back in Sweden and he is in Australia for work. While we are use to being apart, I’ve been missing him a quite a bit recently (it’s amazing what a little bit of distance can do for your romance!). Hence, I wanted to make a cute love-letter and came up with a the idea of using transparent PVC for making embroidered cards. Easy and Cute! Hope you like it!

Time: 1 hour
You need:


1. Start with cutting out the size and shape of the card. I wanted mine to be double folded as I embroidered the first page and wrote on the second.


2. Sketch out the text/drawing on the card. This will serve as stencil for the embroidery.


3. Decied what kind of embroidery stitch to use. For the lettering and curvy shapes, I used ordinary running stitch and cross-stitch for vertical and horizontal detailing.


4. Pour -your-heart-out. Don’t leave anything for later. Write down what you want to tell your boyfriend, husband, mother, friend …


Ta Da! Ready!






2 Responses to “DIY Transparent Embroidered Cards”
  1. great diy and blog in general!

    you must check out/give me a follow for many do-it-yourself ideas like this one:

    let’s be creative!

    ~ e ~

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