On my mind: Neon home-interior

It’s official: the neon trend appear to be here to stay. Several seasons ago I recall hearing from someone in the industry that neon was a fad soon be gone. It could not have been more wrong; the neon palette with hot pink, flourocent yellow and orange at heart has migrated from garments to accessories, and from there to home-interior. Rather then being the centre of attention like it use to be in the 80 – neon colours has taken on a more humble role – being the perfect accent and partner in crime to to grey, nude and brown tones.

Sick of your old wooden chairs? Add a little bit of neon colour on the legs of the chairs and they will feel like new.
Don’t want to spend money on expensive wrapping paper? Take a brown paper bag and add a fluorescent ribbon to it and voila you have created a festive yet decorative present wrap. Below is bunch of inspiration how-to use neon in your home as well as DIY ideas that easily can be turned into reality.

Super cute summer decoration in shades of lime, hot pink and orange. Picture here

A great DIY idea; fluro painted vintage cutlery by Sonia Pell at home


Bring some joy to your wardrobe and neon spray paint your old hangers. Picture here


Picture here

Neon-interiors-2 Glossy fluorescent pink table Picture here


Neon crochet and dip dyed table runner Picture here


I would love to make my own neon lighting project. This is pretty close what I have in mind Picture here

20130630-205512.jpgAdd some attitude to your bedroom with a lime green bed frame. Picture here


A simple yet powerful make-over. Picture here

neon_dagMixing wood, pink, yellow and orange. Picture here


Even something simple like Neon Tape or Neon post it makes me happy. Picture here


Another neon bed-frame version. Picure here


Neon buntings. Yay! Have to make this one next time (remember my bunting tutorial? )Picture here


Neon yellow to blue shades. Picture here


Picture here


Picture here

neon-doorPicture here

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