Pastel Interior Inspiration

My second post here at Shoebox-Living was about all the lovely pastel houses around Hong Kong. Last weekend – while visiting my sister in London – I stumbled onto a street with gorgeous-pastel-painted-houses. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery so could not document all the sweet shades and detailing, but luckily found a close photo online. As you may suspect, I’m crazy about pastels in home-interior, and got super excited when I remembered I had a bucket pale pink paint left from a previous renovation project. Chasing around the house for anything ugly in need for a make-over, I finally found a couple of brown straw baskets that looked too depressing and gloomy to fit into my summer mood. A couple of brush strokes later, the baskets are now like new and yes … pink. More about this make-over project will be posted shortly. Prior to that, I want to share with you my Pastel Interior inspiration as there is so much lovely material online. Enjoy! Love Pastels Forever!

Pretty-Pastel-Houses-in-Chelsea-London-SmallPretty pastel houses in Chelsea, London. Picture here

Picture here

dining-roomPicture here


bedroom500-12Picture here


79-ideas-pastel-wtih-blackPicture here

beautiful-pastel-interiors-7Picture here

tumblr_mb6e7ukKA51qzhvr4o1_1280Picture here

_B1R4828_2_1200Picture here

Picture here

il_fullxfull.331854508Picture here

550_101224644Picture here

bisque%20pastel%20radiatorPicture here

Picture here

Picture here

Picture here

20130630-212145.jpgPicture here

20130630-211911.jpgPicture here

il_fullxfull.271799529Picture here

7028.pastelspoon.jpg-500x0Picture here

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