My Swedish Summer House – The Kids’ Attic

It’s ironic that I have not yet written a post about “My Shoebox apartment” in Hong Kong. After all, my tiny flat was what inspired me for the name of the blog. Once back in +852, it’s the first thing scheduled to be published. In the meantime; after hijacking my parents place here in Sweden for almost two months, I feel the need to share the beauty of this old house with you. My dad who just turned 60, grew up here so there is literally a little piece of family history in every corner of the house.

My first post in “My Swedish Summer House” series is the Attic or “2:a våningen”, where all of the kids’ in our family including my dad and his siblings, my brother, sister and myself lived at some point. While it doesn’t look the same as it did when I was a kid (thanks god the stuffy purple carpets of the 80’s has been removed), the feeling is pretty much the same. You have to crawl up for a super steep staircase (which most of us fallen down from), before you arrive in the middle room where I now have my “office” and sewing atelier. The walls of the chimney – all white painted tile – travels through this room making it super cozy. Bedrooms’ are extended from each side of the middle room; now decorated in a palette of pale blue textiles in myriad of florals and quirky patterns.

I always love coming back here. To me it’s serenity in it’s purest form. A typical kids corner if you like; where you can hang out for hours doing your stuff. Not your boyfriend, husband or kids’. Simply closing the door put the sign STAY AWAY up.

IMG_4344The murderous long staircase up to the attic. Very scary to fall down from.
IMG_0940Art in the background by my sister Josefin Boren. Gustavian chair that been in family for generations.
IMG_0929What about my new biz cards? Pink of course…

IMG_0941Working station alla Shoebox-Living

IMG_0926My DIY Embroidered Transparent Card is still waiting for my boyfriend….
IMG_0964Old coffer made my grandfather that I renovated a couple of years ago.
IMG_0921Sewing projects all made out of thrifted sheets and cloths.

IMG_4385Super cute ceramics cake that I got as a kid. The embroidered tablecloth below is made by my grandmother.

IMG_0935My material and fabric corner. The baby-wear was worn by my mom and Aunt during the 50’s.




IMG_0949More chair sculptures made by my sister.

IMG_1000Blue and white main bedroom.

IMG_1011Fabrics from Indiska, IKEA and Souleiado (From top down).

IMG_1014Vintage box full with my sisters Teddybear collection. All named starting with B; Bill, Benny, Bianca….

IMG_1016Cute Swedish Quote “Glädje och Lycka Hemmet Skall Smycka”


IMG_1020Curtain fabric with printed Cross-Stitch


5 Responses to “My Swedish Summer House – The Kids’ Attic”
  1. I LOVE IT! Hihi makes me giggle how it really is ‘andra våningen’. Mom: Den är uppe på andra våningen!!! And the stairs!!! I remember how i HAD to sit on my bum and carefully slide down the stairs in order to not fall down (which I did so many times anyway). Petra has also told me about the many times she and Frippe used to have a lil love nest up there and how you always peeked up and asked ‘what youuuuuu doing?’. In the meantime I bet I’d work my way up there to catch up with you. Old sis always ahead!!! ❤

  2. Such an uplifting, gorgeous post sweetie!!

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