I see London, I see Sam’s Town

My sister lives in London since five years back in time, and over the years I’ve been a frequent visitor. Coming from Hong Kong, the first thing that hit you is the vast majority of creativity and history; everywhere you look is something exciting to explore. London is to me the ultimate melting pot of cultures and lifestyles; where commerce and art succeeded to live in (relative) harmony with one another. More than anything, Londoners value the creative flair of its city, which is a refreshening contrast against Hong Kong. This time, my mom and I headed over for the purpose of Music. For THE KILLERS Battleborn concert to be precise. I’ve not mentioned that my family are major music fanatics, and I may be the only one the have been spared from the curse of playing music on the highest volume. In fact, my Mom is a serious Killers fan also known as The Victims. Ask me anything about their lyrics, band-members (mainly Brandon Flowers) or Las Vegas, and I promise that I know the answer to it. The concert was held Wembley and even myself – who is a moderate fan – became a victim of the spell of Brandon Flowers voice. The concert was in short simply amazing; Brandon’s voice and the music was much better live than the recordings; everyone was dancing, jumping and singing along. The Killers had written a special song attributed to London “Wembley song”, which made the public scream of joy. It was an experience I late will forget. My Mom is already dreaming about seeing the next concert in Las Vegas and as she had severe PGD (Post Gig Depression – apparently a common state among the fans after the concerts), I’m sure there will be more Killers concerts in the future. Our London visit was short this time; we only had time for the concert and the essential visit to my favorite Scones and Clotted cream place. I know I’ll be back soon though. In the meantime, I see London, I see Sam’s Town is pouring out of my headphones.










IMG_0277Bella, Jo and Mom

IMG_0285Scones and Clotted Cream is a Must


2 Responses to “I see London, I see Sam’s Town”
  1. Mie Holm says:

    Alskar din blogg Bella.Underbar kvall i London med THE KILLERS

  2. oh my goodness, how i love this post!

    i am a victim as well. i actually flew from canada to london, england just to see them in concert (and because i have never been to england before). i bought a ticket for $300 CAD that was in the nosebleed section, and when i arrived in london, they sent me a ticket that had my seat right next to the stage! it was such a surprise, and it was one of the best nights of my life.

    i fell in love with my husband at first sight because he looks so darn much like brandon flowers. turns out he is also the sweetest man ever. after only 10 months of dating we were married.

    oh the killers, how you’ve changed my life for the better. 🙂

    ~ e ~

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