DIY Nautical Name Bracelet

I participated in a Fashion show organised by the lovely Fa Herrington at ITS Fashion project last summer and the theme of my collection was “Maritime Luxe”. I came to think about it as I was looking through a lot of old pictures and found the inspiration board. The blue and white colour combo seem to be reoccurring mood for me; the moment summer approaches I see myself in shade bands of blue and crisp whites. Perhaps it’s the cool breeze of the Swedish summer I’ve been missing during my years in Hong Kong but even back here, my thoughts revert back to the same classical nautical story. Clean and Simple. No fuzz. With this in mind, I’ve made this nautical name bracelet and it’s probably the DIY I’ve been using most frequently (or just slightly after the Floral Appliqué Shoes ). I love it as it’s easy and goes with all my other gold jewellery. Maritime Luxe Inspiration BoardMaritime Luxe Inspiration board. Works just as well this summer.

Time: 1 hour
You need:



1. Find the material: I bought all my component on the market in Hong Kong. Initially, I wanted to have the letters for Bella as I prefer it over Isa (only my nephews and brother that insist on calling me Isa). Unfortunately, the shop had run out of E’s so had to settle for Isa instead. I love these gold imitated metal letters but also seen other metal versions if you are not a big gold fan. Make sure that the ribbon is the right width to fit sliding on the metal letters. If you don’t find any material in your local craft shop, you can find similar metal letters here and nautical inspired ribbons here on Etsy.


2. Measure how much ribbon you need for the bracelet. Slide on the letters. Use the Neon thread and sew on the hook and eye on each end of the ribbon.



Voila! Ready!

IMG_3407Isa Bracelet accompanied with the Feel Love ring from Carmen Chan Jewellery

IMG_9757 Mårbacka Pink Pelargonium


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