My Swedish Summer House – The heart of the house

Second part of my mini-interior series “My Swedish Summer House” takes us the main floor where the heart of the house is; the living room goes in white and navy with the most comfy sofas (impossible to stay awake in); the dining room is furnished with an old Gustavian dining group that was given to my grandparents when they got married; the library is filled with endless amounts of novels and books (serious bookworms live in this house). I call this the heart of the house as this is where we hang out most of the time as well as being the “old”part of the building.

After digging around in my dad’s old photo albums, I found a couple of photos of how the house use to look in the 50’s when my grandparents bought it; the house was painted brown, surrounded by forest and with roses climbing on the timber walls. A pretty large difference to today when it’s re-built with an extended house-body, all painted white and with neighbours around every corner. If the Kids’ Attic is light and easy; the middle floor is rustic and sombre; the perfect place to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a good book.

20130727-111306.jpgLil-Dad in early 50s


20130727-111311.jpgMy grandfather and friends.

IMG_9304Always blue and white



IMG_1388Cute old russian porcelain cups

photo-3 copyA piece of Hong Kong


photo-3 copySwedish Gustavian style

IMG_1389Silver Gravy Boat used as decoration


IMG_1401Enough books for an lifetime of reading


IMG_9274Crystal pieces that has been inherited or bought second-hand

2 Responses to “My Swedish Summer House – The heart of the house”
  1. Faster och farbror från det lilla röda huset says:

    Underbart fina bilder. Roligt att se även de gamla bilderna.

    • isabelboren says:

      Tack för de vänliga orden! Det är något speciellt med att hitta gammla bilder och se hur saker och ting ändrats medan annat består.

      Kom gärna förbi igen!

      XXX- Isabel

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