DIY Vintage Teatowel Pillow

As mentioned from my flea market posts, this summer has been a quest sourcing old vintage pieces and coming up with new product applications and ideas. I received a bunch of old monogrammed linnen towels from my aunt (check out their gorgeous little red cottage here), which used to belong to my fathers grandmother called Britta Boren ( the initials for the BB monogram). My mom came up with the great idea to turn these towels into county-looking pillows by sewing two pieces together and adding a little bit of cotton ribbon.

You need (for one pillow):

  • 2 monogrammed pillows
  • Cotton ribbon
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins


1. Pin two towels together with the inside out.




2. Sew together the bottom and sides together.


3. Turn the pillow inside out and iron the edges


4. Cut the ribbon in pieces long enough in to make a couple of bows (use two pieces of ribbon for each bow). Pin the pieces of ribbon onto the side of the pillow that has not been sewn together. Sew on the ribbons using the machine or by hand.


Ta Da! Ready.




2 Responses to “DIY Vintage Teatowel Pillow”
  1. craftymadre says:

    They’re lovely. The ribbons are such a perfect touch.

  2. beautiful! i will be trying this at home. now to find some vintage tea towels … 🙂


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