Eat, sleep, eat …

For the past three summers, I’ve been visiting my boyfriends family around the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Marche in Italy. Wherever you look there are idyllic little stone villages, beautiful hills and amazing food. Large cities like Rome and Milan are like ghost cities as everyone escapes to the country and seaside for a … Continue reading

Swedish Style –The Rise of Fashionable Denim

Loved beyond nations and generations; denim jeans was the catalyst for international interest in Swedish fashion and the starting point for several iconic labels like Acne, Whyred, Nudie, Cheap Monday and Dr.Denim. The second post in the Swedish Style series “The rise of Fashionable Denim” talks with the iconic Gothenburg label Dr.Denim about what-makes-Swedish-denim-so-very-special. Pop over and read the whole interview at Shop des Créateurs … Continue reading

DIY Renovate Old Furniture

One of my favourite hobbies during summer time is to renovate old furniture. Last summer, I renovated an old coffer and this summer, I got my hands on a gorgeous vintage pin chair (check out my flea market post of reviews of the greater Gothenburg area ). Despite being very different kind of furniture, I … Continue reading

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