DIY Renovate Old Furniture

One of my favourite hobbies during summer time is to renovate old furniture. Last summer, I renovated an old coffer and this summer, I got my hands on a gorgeous vintage pin chair (check out my flea market post of reviews of the greater Gothenburg area ). Despite being very different kind of furniture, I have used the same technique of scrapping off all the paint and adding a milky- white paint and brushing the edges for a worn-down-vintage look. Basically any old piece of furniture will look lovely with this make-over (promise!). Below is a step-by-step tutorial how to go about. Happy Crafting!

You need:


  • Paint Heat Gun
  • Scrapper Tools
  • Sandpaper ( one coarse and one very fine )
  • White matte paint suitable for wood
  • Sponge and Brush


1. Removing the paint: using a heat gun is a great way of stripping of all paint when there are multiple paint layers ( it would take a lifetime to remove three layers of paint like on this chair only using a sandpaper). Besides, you don’t have to use any harsh chemicals; just move the heating gun over the paint and once it starts to melt and “bubble” like below picture, you use the scrapper to remove the paint. Still, this is the step that by far take longest time so be prepared to spend between 2 – 4 hours for a chair similar to mine.




2. Once all paint is removed, first use the coarse sandpaper to even out the surface following by the extra fine sandpaper. The wood should be soft and fine without any uneven paths.


3. Add two thin layers of matte white paint. It’s important that the paint is applied evenly and not in too thick layers. For that reason, I use both a sponge and brush to get the best result.



4. Use the extra fine sandpaper to gently brush the surface of the paint. To create a vintage-worn-down-look , brush more intensively on the edges until the original wood can be seen through like below picture.



Ta Da! Ready!



IMG_1444Add a pastel colour for cute detailing.


One Response to “DIY Renovate Old Furniture”
  1. love this post!

    p.s. i’ve nominated you for the liebster award! now it’s your turn to pass it on. 🙂


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