Swedish Style –The Rise of Fashionable Denim

Loved beyond nations and generations; denim jeans was the catalyst for international interest in Swedish fashion and the starting point for several iconic labels like AcneWhyredNudieCheap Monday and Dr.Denim.

The second post in the Swedish Style series “The rise of Fashionable Denim” talks with the iconic Gothenburg label Dr.Denim about what-makes-Swedish-denim-so-very-special. Pop over and read the whole interview at Shop des Créateurs blog here.

Sneakpeak of Dr.Denim AW 13 Collection

4 Responses to “Swedish Style –The Rise of Fashionable Denim”
  1. rohma0malik says:

    really liked your blogpost!!
    I also have a fashion blog (im a fashion student in london haha) would be awesome if you could check it out 😀

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  1. […] of Swedish Fashionable Denim by interviewing Gothenburg based label Dr. Denim a few months ago here. What’s fascinating to me is that denim somehow always find a way to evolve and transform […]

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