Eat, sleep, eat …


For the past three summers, I’ve been visiting my boyfriends family around the regions of Umbria, Tuscany and Marche in Italy. Wherever you look there are idyllic little stone villages, beautiful hills and amazing food. Large cities like Rome and Milan are like ghost cities as everyone escapes to the country and seaside for a vacation. August in Italy can be likened to a long slumber party where all you do is Eat,Sleep and Eat (Eat, Pray and Love is definitely a more exciting story than mine!). Our days have more or less followed the same pattern since we arrived; waking up late, going out for breakfast, relaxing, eating lunch (sometimes for 3 hours!!!), siesta, a short trip to the beach, coffee break, relaxing again and last dinner. For someone coming from Hong Kong – where your whole day is full of must-do’s and a packed schedule – it takes a little bit of time to adjust to the Italian way of living (very reluctantly letting go of my-to-do-list in my agenda). After all, if you cannot relax here you cannot relax anywhere. I’ve had a full load of beautiful pictures ready to share with you but unfortunately our not-so-reliable-internet cannot support all the data so more will be published later. Ciao to you all from Porto St.Elpidio in Italy.

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