As a full-time working employee and a semi-professional blogger, one of my day-to-day challenges is to dress appropriately for work as well as for evening dinners and events. Like many other Hong Kong gals, I always carry an “evening emergency kit” with make-up essentials, heels and accessories to quickly transform into evening mode. Experience has taught me that … Continue reading

On my mind: Quirky Shoes

There is no secret that I have a love-hate relationship with high-heels. With my 1.56-petite(love how all french words sound chic and beautiful)-centimeters, I’ve had a pair of heels on my feet as long as I can remember. Love in the sense that there is nothing more captivating (and what can do wonder for your … Continue reading

New house. No Shoebox. No turning back.

If you are a regular follower, you probably picked up that I’m on a quest searching for a new flat in Hong Kong. The truth is that my boyfriend and I have been looking for a larger apartment the past three years (not kidding!). However, as anyone living in Hong Kong know, the hustle and … Continue reading

Pink Wallpaper

I’m moving house (FINALLY) in beginning of October and have found myself day-dreaming about whimsical ideas how to sneak a little bit of pink into the apartment (without  notifying my-not-so-big-pink-fan-boyfriend). My mind is going in full-romantic-mood; I’m thinking a pink floral asia inspired wall in the bedroom, white lightweight blowy curtains (perhaps even a bed canopy?) and … Continue reading

Italy’s Best Summer Destinations

Now back in Hong Kong – with my agenda already packed with 1000 things to do – the lazy sun-drenched vacation days’ in Italy seem far-far away. As mentioned in my previous post about the little adventure I had at the hairdresser, I love Italy for it’s character and charm, and always leave the country … Continue reading

Gran Casino! Big Italian Mess at the hairdresser

Finally! I’m back in Hong Kong and getting back-to-normal life and blogging. My ordinary schedule with weekly posts was difficult to hold up during my Italy trip, and will blame it all on the lack of a reliable internet connection (and possible that I indulged the laid-back italian lifestyle little bit too much!). Despite visiting … Continue reading

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