Gran Casino! Big Italian Mess at the hairdresser

Finally! I’m back in Hong Kong and getting back-to-normal life and blogging. My ordinary schedule with weekly posts was difficult to hold up during my Italy trip, and will blame it all on the lack of a reliable internet connection (and possible that I indulged the laid-back italian lifestyle little bit too much!). Despite visiting Italy every summer, I always leave with new impressions and fun memories to tell. One of the highlights this time was my visit to the local hairdresser in Porto.St. Elpidio – a little town south of Rimini – most known for it’s shoe manufacturing (more about this later).

I had to fix my hair in preparation for my friend’s wedding and finally found a saloon that could dye my hair scandinavian-blond-style. Middle through the appointment of bleaching my hair hair – observe my whole head was full with foil (picture below) – the electrcity and water unexpectedly stopped working! To understand the distress of my hairdresser, one need to know that you need to wash the hair at the right time in order to not bleach it pale white. Several screaming and panicked phone calls later the hairdresser’s daughter arrived and explained in the few english words she knew, that the whole block was out of water and electricity. Even the Bank next door!

People passing by and friends called-for-rescue started to pour into the saloon, all discussing the emergency plan how-to save my hair. Finally, the hairdresser told me she lived just a block away where the electricity still was working, and that the her boyfriend had rushed to the neighbouring hood to get water. Voila ! The whole troop went over to the apartment – foils in the hair and everything – to finally put an ending to this not-so-ordinary-hair appointment.

In the middle of the chaos, I could not stop myself from smiling, thinking this would only happen Italy. Not only that the water and electricity stopped working, but also the care and help from everyone around that heard about the situation. This all together concludes Italy for me: messy, disorganised, warmth, friendliness, unexpected, beauty, drama, surprises. In the end, my hair turned out better-than-never-before and the little adventure just made-it-all so much more fun.

IMG_5370Slightly concerned at the hairdresser

IMG_1596Happy as a clam at the wedding

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