Italy’s Best Summer Destinations

Now back in Hong Kong – with my agenda already packed with 1000 things to do – the lazy sun-drenched vacation days’ in Italy seem far-far away. As mentioned in my previous post about the little adventure I had at the hairdresser, I love Italy for it’s character and charm, and always leave the country with new impressions. I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to visit numerous beautiful placed all-over-the country and therefore want to share my top summer destinations.

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CORTONA – TUSCANY: Ever seen the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun“? If not, see it now! It’s one of my top feel-good-movies that makes you want to drop your current life, jump on a plane and move to Italy. Cortona is a lovely medieval city about 1. 5 hours driving south of Florence. As many small cities in the region, it’s located on up on the hills with an amazing view over the colourful Tuscan landscape. Like in the movie, it was market day when I visited Cortona (perhaps one of the reasons I have so found memories of this place) and the whole city centre was filled with stalls selling local delicacies, handcraft and second hands. Cortona for me is the perfect destination to if you want to escape a busy lifestyle to enjoy the countryside and small-town life.

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AMALFICAMPANIA: I visited the region of Campania for the first time two-years ago when one of my girlfriends got married in the gorgeous little seaside town Amalfi (I’m very lucky that all of my friends who are getting married are choosing the most amazing destinations!). Together with Positano, Capri and Sorrento, the whole Amalfi coastline is world-famed over for its breathtaking beauty and picturesque scenery, and I promise it’s not an exaggeration. If there is any place’s beauty that is difficult to describe in words, it’s Amalfi and I will let the pictures speaks for themselves. The food in the region is light; delicious seafood and pastas with common hints of lemons. Lemons (huge in size) are grown all around the coastline and the delicious limoncello liqueur originates from this area.

Amalfi_Coast_Campania_ItalyPicture here

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RAVELLO – CAMPANIA: A short 15-minutes drive up in the mountains from Amalfi, you will find the little town Ravello. Tucked between the vegitation and mountains, Ravello offers an breathtaking view of the whole Amalfi coast (one of my top-traveling experiences!) that will leave you speachless. The city itself is idyllic and must be spent some time to stroll through as well as the two lovely villas Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, both with the amazing view over the coast.

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NOLI – LIGURIA: Only 1 hour from Genoa, you will find the little medieval city Noli. My boyfriend and I were planning to stop by Porto Fino to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary, but was appalled by prices as well as the interior in most of the hotels. By a coincidence, I found a online review of Ca’de Tobia; a “luxury guesthouse” all decorated in white modern Mediterranean style (right-down my alley), and decided to go for it just because we liked the place so much. It was probably the best spontaneous decision we ever made; the charm of Noli is contagious and there are plenty of great restaurants including michelin star Il Vescovado. We only spend one night in Noli, but the beauty of the city and the great hospitality of Ca’de Tobia made me think that we have tocome back.






IMG_5538PORTO.ST’ELPEDIO – MARCHE: My boyfriend’s family come from the little town Porto.St’Elpedio, located in the Marche region on the Italian east-coast facing the Adriatic sea. This place is mostly known for it’s shoe manufacturing industry but also attract vast number of tourists during the summer as one can experience both the idyllic country-side as well as the seaside. This summer, we spent ten days in this sleepy-little-city where we filled our day’s with good food, hanging out at the beach and hunting for shoes. This place is optimal to visit by car so you can drive to nearby villages, country-side restaurants and least but not last all the outlets and shoe factories (probably my favourite here!).










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