New house. No Shoebox. No turning back.

If you are a regular follower, you probably picked up that I’m on a quest searching for a new flat in Hong Kong. The truth is that my boyfriend and I have been looking for a larger apartment the past three years (not kidding!). However, as anyone living in Hong Kong know, the hustle and cost associated with moving always resulted in us reverting back to my lovely little shoebox- studio, thinking we will wait yet another year.

It turns out that we cannot escape this longterm-anticipted-move anymore. To start with, our growing possessions has slowly taken over this once-super-organized-flat; pans and kitchen utensils are stored in my what use to be my wardrobe; my sewing machine and fashion books are piling up under our coffee table; my wardrobe has become the collecting point for anything that I don’t know where to place.

Then, there is the tiny-little detail that our “lovely” landlord unexpectedly decided to throw us out after four-years-commitment-always-paying- on-time in quest for higher paying tenants (don’t get me going on what I think about the crazy real-estate market in Hong Kong. I could rant for a while … ).The result from all this is that I have 15 days to find a new flat, negotiate right price, finalise all the contract and pack this place together. Challenge accepted!

I’m happy we are finally taking the next step and moving on. On the other side, I loved this apartment and all the memories it contains. After all, this little Shoebox has been my home, office (at points) and sanctuary for the past four years (even the inspiration for the name of this blog!). A couple of months ago in Sweden, I wrote another post “Home is where you heart is”. Ironically, my heart seems to change it’s mind quite frequently as it now having big-nostalgia-seperation-issue to leave this place behind. To-be-continued.


5 Responses to “New house. No Shoebox. No turning back.”
  1. craftymadre says:

    Good luck on the move. It’s too bad it had to be forced in this mean way but here’s hoping you find the flat of your dreams.

    • isabelboren says:

      Thank you for your sweet words! Moving house is always difficult. Especially if you are under time pressure. Hopefully I will have some good news next week =)

      XXX Bella

  2. oh my goodness! i’m so sorry to hear about your landlord!! you know what though? i bet that you will find and even nicer place than the flat you are currently living in! (here’s to the silver-lining)

    good luck. keep us posted!


    • isabelboren says:

      Thank you Emory! I keep calling you Scarlett and just realised it’s not your name! I’ll keep you posted. Luckily my landlord have given one more month extension to stay … was getting really sweaty there for a while…
      XXX. Bella

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