As a full-time working employee and a semi-professional blogger, one of my day-to-day challenges is to dress appropriately for work as well as for evening dinners and events. Like many other Hong Kong gals, I always carry an “evening emergency kit” with make-up essentials, heels and accessories to quickly transform into evening mode. Experience has taught me that you just never know where your day will end and what social setting you will find yourself in (one of the top reasons why I love this unpredictable buzzing city!).

Coinciding with the third Swedish Style editorial at Shopdescreateurs.com, I’ve been talking to The Jewelry, Sweden’s newest challenger on the fashion accessory market. Founder Margareta Nordstrom started the company with the single idea of providing women with fun, timeless and affordable accessories that can be worn in a boardroom, on the dance floor and at a beach party.

Pop-over to Shopdescreateurs to read the complete interview with The Jewelry here.


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