Bed Canopy Inspiration

Phew. After one more week of apartment hunting, I’ve still not found that flat. You are probably asking yourself what can be so hard? Well, there are a lot of obvious things to consider like size, budget and location. Then, there are the less obvious considerations like having a green view; perhaps a little balcony (even a terrace?); the possibility to have pets (many complexes forbids animals!); unfurnished meaning no fixtures and yes, NO furniture; close to the subway as I commute to work; relatively newly renovated with a-lot-of-natural-light … and then yes, I also need to like it. Reality check. I have turned into every-real-estate-agents nightmare. Check.

Besides not finding a flat, I’ve been busy working on a DIY tulle skirt (stay tuned for the tutorial), and got inspired to use this delicate material to create a dreamy-romantic canopy for the bed. It’s true that you need a quite big bedroom to pull this off (one-more thing to be added above), but can you imagine anything more amazing than waking up surrounded by beautiful fabric? It’s probably the little-girl-loving-anything-pink talking here; and the future-flat-to-be better appear ASAP so this dream can be put into reality. In the meantime, enjoy below inspiration of different bed canopy styles. Use a classic tulle version, add lighting, use different fabrics or patterns. There is something for everyone…

TulleA sneak-peak on what I have been working on. Tulle in shades of powder, pink and peach.

aaThe classic circle canopy. Can easily be done with a using a embroidery hoop.
Picture here

Picture here

Picture here

Or draping the fabric above the bed like this ones.
Picture here

Picture here

Picture here

cool-canopy-beds-006For more advanced crafters, you need a frame around the bed or attached to the ceilings to hang fabrics…
Picture here

Picture here

kristian septimius krogh white beds canopy cococozy
Picture here

Cool-Creative-Christmas-Holiday-Lighting-Ideas-for-Canopy-BedAdd a little bit of light and sparkle right in time for Christmas…
Picture here

bed-canopyPicture here


Picture here

tumblr_lmkjgs9tm31qenc2wo1_500_largeAlternative ways to create a snug corner.
Picture here here

Picture here

Use fabrics in the different shades and patterns…
Picture here

DIY-Canopy-Bed-With-Roof-DesignPicture here

Picture here

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