Blondie & Pixie DIY Experiment: Rhinestone Heels

Life is ironic. Carmen and I meet several years while studying Business at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Between the busy schedule of supply and demand, I found myself daydreaming about beautiful fabrics, dresses and shoes. I asked myself if there was anyone else “out-there” dreaming about a career beyond finance? Several years later our paths crossed again. This time, our ways collided because we had found what Steve Jobs described as “our-matters-of-the-heart.” Sharing the same passion for whimsical fashion and handcraft, we set out to create a series of easy-to-do DIY workshops. More than anything, we wanted create two-unique-make-overs reflecting each of our own personal taste, while using the same products and materials. This to show that there are multitudes of different ways to experiment with DIY based on your own personal style.

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel

For the first DIY workshop, we transformed a black basic heel into a glam-statement-shoe, working solely with glue and rhinestones. The final result was two very different DIYs. Mine followed my personal style that is best described as quirky and feminine. I adore big volume dresses and feminine silhouettes. Yet, in order not too look too gullible with my long “blondie” hair, I would typically “dress-down” the outfit with a causal tee or leather jacket. Carmen on the other hand, has that “Pixie”-tall-edgy- frame that can pull of any androgynous look. In the end it’s all about knowing yourself; what works and what doesn’t.

Material needed:

  • Pair of black heels (the shoes used for this post was sponsored by Zalora).
  • Rhinestones in different shapes and sizes
  • Superglue
  • Pincet

1. Gather inspiration: Try to trickle down how you want the final result of your DIY to look like. Sometime it helps to create a mood-board with inspirational pictures and ideas. Both Carmen and I wanted to create a fun, big and bold party-statement-shoe using rhinestones in different shapes and sizes. I also wanted to use different shades of green, brown and beige stones to create a pattern inspired by peacock feathers.


2. Plot-out-the-design: Before attaching the rhinestones onto the shoes, we experimented a while to create different designs that fit our inspiration. Carmen wanted her shoes to be covered by rhinestones all-over in asymmetrical way (check out her DIY story here), whereas I wanted to create a “peacock” looking pattern for the front of both shoes. Tip: if you are making a complicated pattern, take a picture or make a quick sketch so you can remember how to position the stones later on. It helped me quite a deal!



3. Attach-the-stones: Superglue on all the rhinestones. Use the pincet to avoid getting your fingers-glued-together (has happened to me a couple of times and not-fun-at-all). Let the glue set and dry over night. An advice is to keep a couple of spare rhinestones in case you would loose any later on. For a more permanent result, you could try to sew on the rhinestones. However, for the shoes we used, the leather was too thick to make this possible.



IMG_5912I started to build-up my “peacock” shape starting from the top-middle and working my way down.



Ta da! Ready!


IMG_1825Tee and shirt my own design. Shoes Edge.

Photographed & Styled by Jasmine Moore


Pop-over to Carmen and read her version of the story here. If you like what you see, make sure to give a LIKE at my page and Carmen’s

Dream. Craft. Blog x Bella


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