Young.Bold.Beautiful – Liebster Award

Yay! I recently got the exciting news that Shoebox-Living has nominated to the Liebster Blog Award by the whimsical Canadian blogger Hallo Scarlett. I “feel” for Hallo Scarlett after reading the sweet story about her little green house. As you probably know by now; I’m a die-hard fan for home make-overs and anyone giving TLC to the old, torn and unwanted are a friend of mine. Hallo Scarlett my probably my first “real” blogger friend; we just seem to love-all-the-same-quirky-things! Pop-over and check out the blog here.


About the award; Liebster in German means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely… The Liebster Award is like a viral-chain-pass-it-on-award targeted smaller-newbie blogs in order to find, inspire and promote the bloggers. More than anything, it about spreading support and appreciation to other fellow upcoming bloggers. Just like giving a nice complement if you like. All you need to do it follow below rules and pass the nomination forward.  Sounds like fun?

  • Link back to the person who nominated them
  • Answer 10 questions, which are given to them by the nominator
  • Nominate 3 – 5 favourite blogs that have less then 1000 followers ( there seem to be different rules here but I decided to follow these)
  • Compose 10 questions for their nominees to answer
  • Let their nominees know that they have been nominated by visiting their blog and notifying them.


My answers to Hallo Scarlett’s questions:

1. How did you choose the name of your blog?
My Hong Kong home; a 25 square meter studio that I appropriately refer to as my “Shoebox”.

2. What is your most written about topic?
Culture, Design and DIY

3. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
My grandmother. She passed away this May while I was in Hong Kong. I wish I could have meet her one more time to say to tell her how much I love her and what an important person she has been in my life.

4. Who is your favorite author?
I’m not loyal to any particular author but like biography’s and non-fiction.

5. What is your most cherished memory?
When I got my driving licences on the first trial.

6. What is the most embarrassing event in your life?
When I “accidentally” kissed one of my managers (female). Read the complete story here

7. If you could shift into any animal whenever you wanted to, what would it be? (true blood fans, now is your chance!)
A golden retriver. Just because they are so cute and get cuddled all the time!

8. What is your favorite item that you own?
My Huskvarna vintage industrial sewing machine (with manual pedal and everything!)

9. If you could ask someone you know a question that you’ve been holding back, what would that question be?
What is outside the universe? I’m not taking about outside our planets BUT beyond all galaxies and black holes? Please explain carefully as this has been on my mind ever since I was a kid.

10. Do you believe in love at first site?
Yes. I’m a hopeless romantic!

My nominated Blogs; 

  1. My Taste in Travel
  2. Hungry Su
  3. Foto Automat
  4. Pysseldrommar
  5. Travelgourmande

My questions for the nominees: 

1. Essence of your blog in 10 words
2. Story behind the blog name
3. Best thing about blogging?
4. Worst thing about blogging?
5. Future (secret) dreams?
6. Favourite City?Why?
7. Weirdest experience?
8. Something your readers doesn’t know about you?
9. What makes you angry? ( I recently got this question on a interview and found myself slightly puzzled )
10. Someone that you have been told you look like? ( For an example; when I was younger I was told repeatedly that I looked like Tara Reids. May not be exactly the person I wish to resemble but that was what I was told).

One Response to “Young.Bold.Beautiful – Liebster Award”
  1. ooh i love this post! i like being your blogger friend as well. love shoebox-living! 🙂

    great answers! talk soon!!


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