DIY Patched Denim Jacket

Fashion trends are quite facsinating. It starts so subtly; you see a detail; a fabric; a silhouette; a vibrant colour that you like. Initially, you may not even know that it’s a new “trend” coming along, you just know that you like it. Then – boom – there is the explosion and you suddenly see it everywhere-all-around-you. This is what I feel happened with the patch and badge trend; I started to see global street-shots and Hong Kong kids putting pins and patches all-over their shoes, jackets and pants. Then, it hit the FW’13 runway; Philip Lim built his collection around patches and denim, and Moschino went for a tailored-tartan x patch-look. Shortly after, you could see patched merchandise all-across the high-street (Zara has a denim pant in store now that you can check out here). I always loved non-permanent- ways to update my clothes, and sewing on a couple of patches is as easy-as-it-gets. It’s probably not needed a step-by-step guide but you can still see how I went about below as well as the final result. Happy Crafting!

Images from here, here, here and here

Material needed:

  • Denim Jacket
  • Patches & Badges
  • Thread and Needle ( Sewing Machine if you have)
  • Pins

photo-3 copy 3

1. Patch selection: I used 11 patches for my jacket. I looked for patches in different shapes and sizes. I also wanted patches with text and one large size for the back of the jacket. Think about what you would like to decorate your jacket with. Perhaps even make a political statement?

photo-3 copy 2

2. Pin the patches onto the jacket. You can try different positioning until you feel satisfied with the result. I positioned mine in a random manner across the jacket as I wanted it too look “messy” and spontaneous.

photo-3 copy


3. Attach the patches. You can find iron-on patches if you don’t want to sew. However, I prefer to use the sew-on kind so they can be removed in the future. I used my sewing machine to sew on the large patch for the back.


Ta Da! Ready!




Styling and photo by the lovely Jasmine Moore. Lots of thanks!

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Dream. Craft. Blog x Bella


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