Hong Kong Talent: Twisted Sisters

A few weeks ago when I attended the launch event of #ilivefashion, I spotted a gorgeous-white-deconstructed dress on an equally gorgeous gal. After further introduction, I learned that Maria Mak (the gorgeous gal with the gorgeous dress) is the founder of Hong Kong based label TwS “Twisted Sisters”, and in fact the designer of that dress. A big supporter of Hong Kong design, I got together with Maria to get an glimpse into her world of edgy fashion.

IMG_8012 copy 2

Cleaver tailoring,  edgy designs and  an underlying hint of grunge twist all shine through the DNA of TwS.  The brand slogan ” Show the world inside out” further describes how the brand aim to focus on the personality and style of its wearer.“We believe that all women shines through her own confident. Therefore, not only do we beautify their outer layers, we also ensure they feel good from inside as well”, says Maria. With the ambition of turning timeless tradition styles into distinctive pieces with edgy details, Maria  launched the  Twisted Sisters label in 2011. Since then, the label has experienced a rapid growth and can today be found in selected boutiques across US, Canada, UK and Asia.

How did you decide to become a fashion designer? Was it always there or did it develop gradually?
I studied fashion design in university in Toronto and have been in the design field ever since. My love for out-of-the norm fashion developed throughout the years of designing for multiple international labels. Becoming a designer was always my dream.

big-rtwss1417What is unique about TwS? How would you describe the TwS style?
Our designs are clean with a grunge twist. Each piece is “twisted”, meaning I try to do something that is unexpected or something different in each piece.  I also always had a thing for skulls and spikes, which are often seen in my designs. Right now I am obsessed with sheer and plastic materials, which is going to continue to be a strong item for SS14.

What inspires you? Tell me a little bit about your creative process.
I travel a lot and love hearing stories from all kinds of people, which is my main inspiration. I think each individual have unique and interesting experiences to share and for us all to learn from. I usually play with different fabrics and textures to get the feel first, then decide if I need to drape or pattern draft, then sampling and amending again and again until I am satisfied.
low 1
In your opinion, what is the best about being an Independent fashion designer in Hong Kong?
Hong Kong is a very fast paced and trend oriented environment, where people are  always looking for the next new thing.  They are more willing to accept new and differences, where it is less accepting in Canada, where I came from. The biggest challenge is to handle lots of tasks at the same time. Stress can be overwhelming.  I try to enjoy every moment of it, even when I am working crazy hours and the work load is insane.

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