Swedish Style: The Streets of Stockholm

When I started think about different topics for the Swedish Style blog series for Shopdescreateurs, the first thing that came to mind was street style and denim (don’t miss the interview with Dr.Denim here). This because Swedish fashion is after all about the functional-chic-affordable approach to Fashion as opposed to Haute Couture. Try to Google “street style” and the first page ranked is Stockholm Street Style. This just to tell you that the Swedish street-fashion-blogging phenomena is serious business and just as influential (if not more) to what’s happening on the runway. After all; it’s what real people are wearing right-here-right-now!

With “winter” approaching in Hong Kong, I’ve recently got myself into a jolly-cozy mode; sipping Starbucks Christmas coffee, wearing chunky knits and snug-outfits. Raised in Sweden, I’m use to long-long-cold winters and as a result know everything about layering clothes (so-not-missing wearing long-johns). Thankfully, the typical Hong Kong winter is shorter, warmer yet one get to enjoy the best of it; the autumn/winter fashion. In a quest for inspirational styles that would work here over the next couple of months, I turned my eyes the streets of Stockholm.

Pop-over to Shopdescreateurs to read the full article and see my favourite Swedish-Winter-looks here.


Picture via Blogs by IM NEXT: Victoria Törnegren

XXX/ Bella

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2 Responses to “Swedish Style: The Streets of Stockholm”
  1. Great post. Someday, I would like to visit Sweden and indulge in their food and fashion.


  2. rohma0malik says:

    really loved the post. I love the simplicity of Swedish fashion. the outfits are always elegant yet make a statement of some form.
    Im a Swedish Fashion Blogger based in London, would be awesome if you could check out my blog 🙂

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