DIY Tulle Skirt

Ever since I saw the below photo several seasons ago, I’ve been obsessed about creating a big-puffy-nude-pink-tulle-skirt. I dissected the tulle-skirt topic here a couple of months ago (love-love-love the white-polkadot-tulle-skirt from Chloe Fall’13) and was planning to schedule this post shortly after. That did not happen (sorry!) as my life over the last two months only consisted of work – seep – work – sleep (keeping my fingers crossed I can start 2014 in a more balanced manner!). What’s more is that I actually made this tulle skirt over 2 months ago in a-not-so-organized-manner (more a trial and error experiment). As a result, I did not document the process very well but hope you still can make sense of the steps below. Saying that, I love how the skirt turned out and I have already worn several important occasions including my friends wedding and my own 30th birthday.

20131103-213853.jpgMaterial Needed:

  • Soft Tulle in 3 different shades (about 5 yards of each)
  • Jersey mini-skirt
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Pins


1. Prepare the fabric for the overskirt: Tulle fabric is amazing to work with to create a-big-volume-silhouettes. Saying that, the difficulty to work with many layers of tulle is that it’s really slippery. I used 3 different shades of tulle; nude, peach and meauve and layered them over each other to create a beautiful and unique shade. This is key if you want the skirt to look like mine. The width of the tulle fabric I bought turned out to be perfect for the length of the skirt,  so I just layered the fabrics on-the-top of each other and then sew them together at the selvage.


2. Create ruffles for the underskirt: pin two layers of tulle together and sew straight over the top of the fabric with big stitches. Once ready, pull one of the threads to gather the fabric, and voila you have created ruffles!


3. Make the underskirt: Buy a basic-tight-Jersey skirt or create your own by cutting off the sleeves from an old tight tee. Pin the ruffles onto the hem and sew it on.


3.  Create the over skirt: use the layered tulle fabric that you prepared earlier and pin the selvage on the waist of the underskirt. Important: in order to hide the raw edge of the underskirt waistline, you will pin the tulle onto the inside of the underskirt out and then “flip” it over so no seam is visable. In order to make the skirt big and puffy, I also created pleats simply by making 5 cm folds around the whole skirt. Last, sew the tulle onto the underskirt and flip it inside out.


Ta Da! Ready!




One Response to “DIY Tulle Skirt”
  1. This looks really good!! I want to make one for myself.

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