Blondie&Pixie DIY Experiment: Statement Headpiece

In the second workshop for the Blondie&Pixie DIY experiment, Carmen and I decided to play with tulle to create two-different head-pieces. December is one of those months that are crazy-busy and packed with Christmas parties and events. In the midst of doing-everything-that-needs-to-done it can be difficult to find the time (and the energy!) to get into a glam and festive mood. I also struggle a bit to stay creative in my clothing choices during Winter as most of my closet consist of summer outfits (my-one-only-great-winter-dress has been worn way too often recently). A festive head-piece is the perfect solution to all of the above problems as it can transform any-not-so-exciting-outfit into party-appropriate. For this workshop, Carmen and I had pretty different ideas what we wanted to create. I wanted to make a big-puffy-bow whereas Carmen went for a 20s-gatsby-inspired-headband. Mine-super-easy to make as below!

Material needed:

  • Black Head-band
  • 1/2 Yard Black Tulle
  • Thread
  • Scissor


1. Cut 6 layers of tulle in 10 cm length x 5 cm width.

photo-3 copy 2

2. Make a bow of the layers of tulle by tie a thread in the middle.


photo-3 copy 3

3. Cover the headband by wrapping a long piece of tulle around.


4. Cut a couple of longer pieces of tulle ribbons. Use them to tie bow onto the headband. Cut the ribbons in different lengths so they will fall down around the face in a layered manner.

photo-3 copy 4 (1)

Voila! Ready!




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