DIY Easter Pastel Party

I have to admit I never been crazy about Easter (except for the fact that you get a couple of extra days off from work). Saying that, for this years Easter, I headed back home to Sweden  to spend some quality time with my family and decided to go Easter-Decoration-Nuts. My sister and I decided to have a Easter-Pastel party where all the decoration went in pale shades of baby-pink, aqua and citrus. We paid the same attention to our Candy Eggs as we usually do for our Christmas presents; wrapping the eggs in foil (the inside out to get a less shiny effect); decorating them with pastel feathers and ribbons. We dresses a Easter Egg Tree – got a few birch branches in the garden and decorated it with feather and blown out eggs. Initially, I was thinking to only use food coloring  for dying the eggs but went a tiny bit overboard with the idea. Instead, we ended up with a pastel pink cake, light-blue champagne (my mom kept insisting this was ruing the Champagne but hey, everything in the name of the theme!), pink water for the Easter Egg Tree… and yes, of course the eggs themselves. Read my how-to-advice how to get this perfect-pastel-eggs below:


Do you want to use the egg as an ornament in the Easter Egg Tree or just color the eggs that you will eat? We did both! The only difference is if you are planning to blow out the eggs it’s easier to dye them before blowing them out as they will float empty. Follow the steps for both alternatives below.

You need:

  • Food coloring ( I used pink and blue)
  • White Eggs
  • Vinegar

Color Eggs that you will eat:
1. Boil the eggs to your preference
2. Mix 4 dl water 2 ml of vinegar and about 5 drops of food coloring. In order to make the eggs light pastel shade, you need to make sure that the color bath is not too concentrated.
3. Add the eggs and wait for 30 seconds. Remove the eggs. If the shade is too light, do one more dip into the color bath.

Color Blown-Out Eggs:
1. First dye the eggs in similar manner as above
2. Once dried, use a needle to make one hole at the top as well as on the bottom of the egg. You may need to poke a few times to make the of the whole large enough
3. Use the needle to stir around the yoke. This will make it easier to blow out the egg
4. Blow into the egg from the top of the egg until all yoke and white is emptied



























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