Kingpins Hong Kong – A Design and Marketing Conversation with Bloggers

Three weeks ago, I got the chance to participate in a Blogger seminar held by Style by Asia at Kingpins Hong Kong – the premium boutique denim tradeshow. The organization hosts shows in Los Angeles, NYC and Amsterdam as well but their Hong Kong show is the only one of its kind in Asia. Kingpins is celebrating their … Continue reading


This is probably one of the first blog post I should have written here on Shoebox-Living. After all, it was the inspiration for this blog as well as how I lived life in Hong Kong over the last seven years. A topic long over due, I got together with the Hong Kong’s newest creative web-community StylebyAsia to dissect … Continue reading

Just Hong Kong

Mariko Jesse: illustrating Hong Kong

While attending Shopdescreaturs pop-up shop at Kapok a couple of weeks ago, I feel head over heels for a blue and red porcelain series with whimsical illustrations of iconic Hong Kong landmarks and objects. For some reason, the illustrations felt “familiar” and it was not until I spoke with Mariko Jesse – the amazing woman behind … Continue reading

Greetings from Jakarta

Finally – I had a little misfortune with my external hard drive, which unexpectedly without any warning decided to give up on me. I do love ( like is more honest ) technology  as long as everything works fine, nothing breaks down and don’t give me any trouble. After screaming at my hard drive – without … Continue reading

Hong Kong Pastel Houses

When most people think about Hong Kong, first thing that comes to mind is its beautiful skyline and architecture. However, it’s an understatement to say that the city’s residential landscape live up to the few blocks around the waterfront. Most houses are either older “Tong Lau” walk-up  buildings or newly built mega high-rises complexes. Most … Continue reading

New Beginnings

There are new beginnings for everything, and today is marked by me starting this blog (better late then never is one of my favourite sayings). This year is my 11th year living in Asia, including six in Hong Kong, which is even more shocking than me turning 30 later this year. Breaking into Hong Kong … Continue reading

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