Vitsippan ute i backarna står

I just got back to Hong Kong after spending one wonderful week in Sweden – watching Fall transform into Spring. My sister was joking that I’m slowly turning into a landscape photographer as the nature has been my prime source of inspiration over the past visits (explaining all the flower and landscape photos that have been … Continue reading

DIY Wildflower Bouquet

All the beautiful summer flowers from Princess Madeleine’s wedding inspired me to make a flower arrangement for our patio. Sweden is covered in lovely wildflowers that are in full-bloom this time a year. I visited my aunt and uncle – who live in what I think of as the “Swedish Dream” – a cute pitoresque … Continue reading

Home is where your heart is

Silence. Nature. Organic. Humble. Simplicity. Home. Sanity. Back-to-Basic. Falu-Red. Childhood. Relax. Traditions.

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