Vitsippan ute i backarna står

I just got back to Hong Kong after spending one wonderful week in Sweden – watching Fall transform into Spring. My sister was joking that I’m slowly turning into a landscape photographer as the nature has been my prime source of inspiration over the past visits (explaining all the flower and landscape photos that have been … Continue reading


Af snökristaller klara står fältet prydt; om några veckor endast är allt förbytt. I glittren emot solen och fröjden er; snart sjunken I som tårar i jorden ner. I, vinterns vackra blomster, snart vissnen I, men utaf edra tårar skall blommor bli. Om några veckor endast är allt förbytt: af vårens väna blomster står fältet … Continue reading

Swedish Style –The Rise of Fashionable Denim

Loved beyond nations and generations; denim jeans was the catalyst for international interest in Swedish fashion and the starting point for several iconic labels like Acne, Whyred, Nudie, Cheap Monday and Dr.Denim. The second post in the Swedish Style series “The rise of Fashionable Denim” talks with the iconic Gothenburg label Dr.Denim about what-makes-Swedish-denim-so-very-special. Pop over and read the whole interview at Shop des Créateurs … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New …..

Antiques, vintage, slow-fashion, second-hand, loppis (in Swedish), thrift shopping, flea markets – name it what you want but once thing is clear – there is a HUGE trend right now in Sweden to Restore, Reuse and Renovate. The old saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed” has never felt more appropriate. Perhaps it’s a backlash … Continue reading

Anna-Lisa Gustava Holm – Day 12

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…) Annalisa \a-nnali-sa, ann(a)-lisa\ as a girl’s name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Annalisa is “Graced with God’s bounty”. Gustava \g(u)-sta-va, gus-tava\ as a girl’s name is of Swedish origin, and the meaning of Gustava is “Staff of the God’s”. Feminine form of Gustave, a royal name in Sweden. Mommo Anna-Lisa Gustava Holm is … Continue reading

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