Into the Wild North

Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous North Thou quiet, thou joyful [and] fair! I greet thee, most beautiful land upon earth, /:Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy meadows green.:/ Thou art enthroned upon memories of great olden days, When honored thy name flew across the earth, I know that thou art and wilt remain what thou … Continue reading

Italy’s Best Summer Destinations

Now back in Hong Kong – with my agenda already packed with 1000 things to do – the lazy sun-drenched vacation days’ in Italy seem far-far away. As mentioned in my previous post about the little adventure I had at the hairdresser, I love Italy for it’s character and charm, and always leave the country … Continue reading

Something Old, Something New …..

Antiques, vintage, slow-fashion, second-hand, loppis (in Swedish), thrift shopping, flea markets – name it what you want but once thing is clear – there is a HUGE trend right now in Sweden to Restore, Reuse and Renovate. The old saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed” has never felt more appropriate. Perhaps it’s a backlash … Continue reading

Sun, Waffles, Paint

I first thought about writing a DIY from my little painting session the other day but decided to skip it as I believe most of you know how to to use a brush and paint. Let’s just say it was not really anything groundbreaking; I just added a little bit of white and pale pink paint … Continue reading

DIY Swedish Midsummer Flower Crown

This post is coming a few day’s late as I’m in London visiting my sister (more traveling posts coming soon). To understand why Swedes are crazy about midsummer, one need to know that we are not a particularly patriotic country (except for the ones’ living abroad – we tend to be over-the-top celebrating anything Swedish). … Continue reading

On my mind: high-waisted retro bikini

While going through the last of my grandmother’s belongings, I found a box full with gorgeous vintage photos of her. Looking through them all, I particularly feel in love with a two photos where she is wearing a white-high-waisted-retro-bikini and balconette top – both iconic for 40s-50s swimwear fashion. I’ve expressed my love for my … Continue reading

DIY Wildflower Bouquet

All the beautiful summer flowers from Princess Madeleine’s wedding inspired me to make a flower arrangement for our patio. Sweden is covered in lovely wildflowers that are in full-bloom this time a year. I visited my aunt and uncle – who live in what I think of as the “Swedish Dream” – a cute pitoresque … Continue reading

Princess Madeleine of Sweden weds in Valentino

Swedish princess Madeleine yesterday married her New York sweetheart Christopher O’Neill in a dreamlike wedding gown created by no-one else then Valentino Garavani. Anyone reading my blog would know that Valentino is one of my favourite designers (check out previous posts Timeless blue china # Part 1 , Floral Perfection), and was therefore more than excited about the brides decision. The princess … Continue reading

DIY Crochet Bib Neckless

I’ve had a long break from crafting as I have been on the road – traveling from Hong Kong to Rome to Sweden – plus being down with flu and food poisoning. Finally, I’m healthy and back in my parents house where I’m being pampered like never before. Sweden during summer is a pitoresque dream; … Continue reading

Home is where your heart is

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